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Product Code 61/B15030
Description Crab 61/B15030 RCBO Single Pole Type B 50 Amp 30mA 6kAThe Starbreaker domestic circuit protection range introduces an innovative modular concept to the market.By employing a unique busbar system a balance is achieved between the conventional factory built approach and the time consuming on-site assembly of many individual components.Starbreaker consumer units can be quickly and easily made up on site by selection of an enclosure, busbar, main incoming device and, if required, split -load RCCB.Installers must assume that, domestic installations will not be under the supervision of skilled or instructed users, socket circuits certainly will be subject to use by the general public.However, any circuits wired by traditional methods (twin and earth cable at a depth of less than 50mm) without mechanical protection are required to be afforded Additional protection (a specific requirement of the 17th edition) by use of an RCD not exceeding 30mA.Once it is accepted that all circuits will require 30mA RCD protection the issue of how this additional protection is applied should be considered?Circuit division within an installation may be necessary, (ie: downstairs lights and upstairs sockets may share one RCD, while upstairs lights and downstairs sockets share another) to avoid unnecessary loss of light or power, following the operation of an RCD. It may be that some items of equipment will require their own RCD.All domestic installations will incorporate socket circuits and bathroom circuits and these are addressed individually by the 17th edition.Crabtrees range of consumer units provides many options to installers as they strive to meet the new regulations.
Amperage 50 AMP
Dimension HxWxD 126mm x 18mm x 56.5mm
Pole Single Pole
Sensitivity 30 mA
Type Rating B Type
Voltage 240 Volt AC
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